Management Philosophy Design Thinking

Management Philosophy Design Thinking

Design Thinking propagates interdisciplinarity and open results and focuses on the unsatisfied human needs. Design Thinking does not come up with solutions from past experiences but works on the customer benefit by means of a moderated iteration process. So, Design Thinking is a management philosophy.

Design Thinking has five phases: Discovery, Interpretation, Ideation, Experimentation und Evolution. This five phases could make the agenda for meetings, coaching processes as well as Sprint Meetings within Scrum .

The Design Thinking Process

1. Discovery: I have a challenge  How do I approach it? 
• Understand the challenge
• Prepare research
• Gather inspiration

2. Interpretation: I learned something  How do I interpret it?
• Tell stories
• Search for meaning
• Frame opportunities

3. Ideation: I see an opportunity  What do I create?
• Generate ideas
• Refine ideas

4. Experimentation: I have an idea  How can I build it?
• Make prototypes
• Get feedback

5. Evolution: I tried something new  How do I evolve it?
• Track learnings
• Move forward

Sources: Wirtschaft und Management, Band 19, Oktober 2013 (Boris Gloger)