Story: Introduction Balanced Score Card

Introduction Balanced Score Card

Wolfsburg Hospital

Implementing a sustainable and transparent leadership and management instrument.

In the process, it is important to establish a common view and understanding of the further steps in the directorate at first. Support concerning mutual feedback during the preparation phase as well as in the strategy workshop was an important core element that also was a success factor for the later interaction in the BSC-process.

Planning and designing as self-responsible process of change by mayor and directorate with chief physicians and senior doctors.
Step 1: Sense of Urgency: creating a common view of the situation with the management and medical doctors, mutual understanding of urgency concerning transparent management and understanding of the process and methodology of the BSC. Elaborating goals and further steps in the strategy workshop.
Step 2: Deployment & Learning: Implementing a first version of the upcoming annual plan including scheduled communication and documents, first run and learning circle, review workshop.
Step 3: Implementation: Implementing and refinement of the target agreements directorate/clinic. Further optimizing the BSC on ward level.