Solving conflicts.  
Creating win-win-situations.
Creating a reconciliation of interests.

Anger, fear, tension, irritation: conflicts are connected to negative feelings. Conflicts disturb action processes, they often expand, intensify, include more and more people and topics – and they force us to assure ourselves of our own orientation.
Even if the fronts seem really hardened and immovable: together, conflict partners can find a solution acceptable for everyone when they start a constructive dialogue during which all opinions and points of view are listened to.
Mediation is about understanding – not about being right. Communicating one’s own position plays an important role as well as listening to each other.
As Mediator, I am responsible that this is happening properly and that the real conflict points are brought out. There are no losers because both parties can only win in a constructive dialogue. It is about considering different aspects, being open, honest and creative.
That is what you can do:

Making interests transparent between two or three conflict parties and creating a win-win-situation.

Before the law makes a decision for us, we can make a reconciliation of interests.

The goal: we avoid paralyses or threatening financial damage by means of a fast reconciliation of interests.