Healthy Teams

Our response to the increasing stress level: the pit stop health for teams

In this reality-tested pit stop, within two days, the participants gain the know-how, skills and tools to improve their own health, physical and mental fitness, handling of stress and their personal work-life-balance in every-day life at work.
We look at tools that help to improve one's own health, physical and mental strength, the handling of stress and the personal work-life-balance in everyday-life at work. This is carried out alternately by medical and sport-science trainer input and with many practical exercises.
How can I harmonize professional challenges with my partner and family? Where and how can I best regain energy? How do I recognize burnout and overstrain in me, my employees or my clients? What does it mean to set and respect limits?


  • connecting work-life-balance and professional success
    Become your own coach: Which ways are there to take more self-responsibility for your own health?
  • Handling stress, burnout & Co
    What is stress and how can I handle negative stress even better? What does resilience mean and which concepts are behind it? Individual stress test and personal drivers
  • Diet and sports: The  2 pillars of well-being. Where do I stand and what does actually matter? Tips, tricks and individual strategies.
  • Finding resources in one's own biography
    The participants identify possibilities how they can regain energy and take better care of their own well-being.
  • Personal realization program
    The deal with one's weaker self: How do I create motivation and sustainability for myself?

Stressors and personal stress enhancers: Stress is created in the brain and is actually quite healthy – we need it. But when the body is constantly put on stand-by due to the discrepancy of demands and competence, it gets sick. In this training, the participants learn what their stress factors are and how these stressors influence the body and the psyche. By means of the SOR-model they also realize which impact the stressors have on the lifestyle, for example unhealthy food or declining motivation to do sports. Together, we plan and begin the way out of the stress trap. Resilience – the personal resistance: the participants find their own psychic resistance via the resilience–model. They get to know methods that can be easily and quickly integrated in everyday life.

Nutrition as basis for our health:
A bad diet makes us physically and psychically sick. Here, the participants get an overview about what exactly is healthy food and how the nutrient supply influences the body. Eating-type and stress: afterwards they know, which eating-type they are and can actively intervene in moments of stress.
Learning-by-doing in the team: cooking together increases the awareness of a healthy way to prepare food and shows that the expenditure of a healthy diet is actually feasible.
This part is competed by advice about eating at work.

Coping with stress by physical activity:
Nowadays, the influence of physical activity on the immune system is undisputed. Sports and physical activity also positively influence the metabolism of the body. But which kind of sports is the right one and how often should one do sports?
This part deals with the positive effects in detail. Besides the theoretical input, the participants also experience the effects of physical activity directly on their own bodies in pracitcal units. It is taken care that every participant can learn something from that, no matter what his or her level of fitness may be.
Assessment and training plan: Status assessments of the own physical state as well as a first short training plan complete this part.

Stephanie Müller
Sport scientist (Master of Science, University of Salzburg), Member of the Union of German Personal Trainers(Bund deutscher Personal Trainer (BDPT e.V.)).
Since 2010 assistant lecturer at the pedagogic/educational University of Karlsruhe.
Since 2006 freelance consultant Health & Fitness for enterprises like BASF, Barmer, Telekom, Post AG, Daimler Benz, RWE, the City of Mannheim, the City of  Weinheim, the body of public prosecutors of Karlsruhe.
Up to 2006 freelance marketing and communication specialist (Diploma) for Empire Interactive London, SüdWest Kaffee GmbH, Karlsruhe, Stockheim, Düsseldorf, WEB.DE AG, Karlsruhe, McCann-Erickson, Frankfurt, Account Coordinator of L‘Oréal, several appearances on TV at public service stations as sports consultant
Fitness trainer in the area of resilience/endurance and strength training.
Excerpt/extract sports licenses:
• back therapy trainer
• running and Nordic Walking instructor
• relaxation trainer
• life kinetics trainer
• fitness trainer
• diet trainer
• spinal trainer