Souvereign Under Stress

Story: Teamdevelopment – Souvereign Under Stress

Automotive, OEM

Our trainers prepared a team of successful consultants for intensive work with challenging processes and projects. The primary focus was on maintaining and even increasing both inner balance and the personal performance capabilities of the participants.

Trainer input on medical and sport education topics alternated with a give-and take of experience by the participants, along with individual stress tests and practical relaxation exercises taken from Thai Chi, Shiatsu, and Chi Gong. The seminar participants were given seminar documentation on the topic along with instructions for practice in everyday routine.

In addition to reflective elements concerning the ongoing team process, we worked from the first moment on with outdoor elements. Mutual relaxation and cooperation exercises both outdoors and indoors led to an atmosphere of openness and helped to weld the members into a team. The combination of specialized medical information and direct application helped us move toward the target: transfer to everyday life, starting right with the seminar event!