Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback

Three years ago, we started as a small team. Now, we are almost four times as big. In addition to the growing business, it is extremely important for us to develop structures, to establish effective processes and to organize us as a team. Mr Messbacher is helping us to reflect about ourselves so that we can continually work on ourselves. We are looking forward to further cooperation with him.
Tobias Krause, Managing Director KomSolar GmbH

Today, our international Quality Management Meeting 2017 ended successfully. The day-long short seminar “Leadership without authority“ definitely contributed to the successful outcome.  It was not only an interesting topic but also the catching presentation technique and methodology that made it clear for us how we can realize it in our daily business.  The most frequently given comments were: “A real eye opener“ and “refreshing”; compliments from a really sceptical QSHE audience … The seminar was very motivating for all of us and I can readily recommend you as a coach.
Jürg Meier, Senior Vice President, Global Head of QSHE, Kühne + Nagel Management AG, Switzerland

“By now, Mr Messbacher is a “constant” at Bosch Engineering in the chassis division department. On one hand for moderations of transition and leadership workshops, but also as support of change processes in the organization development. He perfectly matches our “BEG spirit“ that he structures and sovereignly leads onto the right track. His feeling for disagreements or unexpressed feelings that he then brings up mostly successfully is remarkably impressive. Concerning the plan, he is always flexible and open to new ideas/changes of direction when it helps the cause. Thank you very much for that and we are looking forward to the next appointments.”
Stefan Bayer, Department Leader Bosch Engineering GmbH, Customer Projects B

”In 2012, there was a change of leadership in the divisional management of our company which caused some anxiety among the employees and the leaders.
In 2012 and 2013, you supported us in mastering this change process with two team workshops for the executives. Due to your well-structured, creative, empathetic and flexible moderation, the leaders’ team building process  could be mastered within a very short period. I personally conspired our cooperation with you  – in preparing as well as in realizing the workshops – as particularly invaluable.
I am looking forward to let you further support us in this process if necessary and wish you good luck and success for your work.“
Michael von Bredow, Kasseler Sparkasse, Divisional Management Sales Management

“ We know Mr Messbacher in mainly from workshops for executives.  He is an excellent moderator who brilliantly  manages to bring together different positions and lead the discussion into a success-oriented direction.  In doing so, he considers the different characters and steps out of the moderator’s role. We already arranged our next leadership workshop with him as a moderator.“
Wilken Köster, hospital director Klinikum Wolfsburg

„Mr Messbacher makes himself conspicuous by his outstanding preparation of the events, his subject-related realization of measures, together with an excellent intuition for the situation of a participant or the group. His strength to take account of opposing cultural aspects and to focus on a common goal shows especially in the international context of a global player. This always happens in an unpretentious and appreciative way and does not depent on the target group.!"
(Sabine Schönberg, leader of leading and management programmes Volkswagen Group Academy)

„In preparation for a delegation of several years to the US, I was fortunate to work with Mr Messbacher. His intecultural training pefectly matched us and our tasks. I especially liked it that he could link the different elements such as intercultural training, Change Management and Project Management with each other in a joined-up manner. Because of his broad personal experience from other projects, the training was practially relevant and useful. I would fully recommend Mr Messbacher anytime.”
(Jan Wegner, head of department Application Delivery Management, Morton Salt Inc., Chicago/USA)