Building international Product Teams

Story: Building international Product Teams

Robert Bosch GmbH

Establishing international product teams: role development of product manager, fortifying the core team, roll out in 5 products and in 5 cultures: Germany, Spain, China, Mexico, Turkey.

Extending the role of the project leader to the role of the product manager, with the aspects of understanding the market and the customers, forecast planning involving several years as well as marketing and communication. Establishing the new roles in the organization and using the whole potential of 5 globally distributed sites by further developing international cooperation.

We mainly supported during the phase of Rollout: closely cooperating with the management, it was important to have a common starting point with all teams. The product managers themselves were the prototype with their kick-off. They were guided through sparring interviews. In the phase of stabilization, the internal organizational development took our place.
Step 1: Contracting with management and kick-off with the product managers
Step 2: Steering Meeting
Step 3: Kick-offs for 5 international product teams and management review
Step 4: Guiding product managers/sparring interviews
Step 5: Steering meeting and management review
Step 6: Further institutionalization of product management in the line organization: Good Practices