Story: Leadership Team India

International Strategy Workshop in India

The best way to work out strategic processes with a management team is to go "off-site", far from the beaten track; that helps in developing new perspectives and a new focus. In this case, the path led to the Federal State of Radjastan in Northern India.

Automotive, OEM

The group started by working out a common vision, then using it as a basis to develop, under the moderator's direction, different targets and projects. Primary interfaces were defined, company areas contributed feedback, and this was followed by a give-and-take about mutual expectations.

Right from the moment of arrival in Mumbai and the beginning of the journey, the German/Indian participants came more and more together as a team. After input about the market situation and business competitors, their next step was to pinpoint the most prominent drivers of a common vision. That in turn was the basis for a catalogue of targets in each of the different business function areas. In tandem groups, the participants worked out the steps and key facts which were most important to them for reaching those targets.

Ralf Messbacher already has many projects in India to his credit and is not only an experienced methods specialist but also a coach for intercultural competence.