We support your Change Communication

We support your Change Communication

We want to simplify the access to change processes, the orientation and communication within.
According to our experience in the last years making change processes more understandable for persons affected was one of the most challenging tasks for our customers.
To help executives translating their change strategies, to include employees and to reduce complexity. Therefore, we looked at the known 3-level model by Kurt Lewin and created anchors for each of the phases of the change process. Depending on the current status of a change process, our clients can get tools for the three phases Unfreeze (begin), Move (change) or Refreeze (stabilize).

Unfreeze: point out the requirements, create urgency and a management coalition.
According to Kurt Lewin,in this phase it is important to create motivation for the change process and point out future requirements. The awareness for the current state which creates the necessity of changes often has to be awakened first. In this phase, we want to encourage our clients to seek informal conversation, to strengthen their relations having a cup of coffee!

Move, Change: define target state, perspective and time for resistance. It is easier to leave the comfort zone with an attractive goal at hand. The target state is to be defined precisely, the strategy broken down from current state to target state and means for change have to be introduced. Dialogue and training help to cross the valley of tears. Now it gets serious , as a symbol for setting visible signals we show by means of a Hoody that we started into a process of change.

Stabilize: Avoid relapse into old patterns, test effectiveness, create incentives to do something new. To stabilize the situation new concepts have to be optimized. Structures and processes have to be adjusted to avoid relapses into old patterns. By coaching and monitoring champions, multipliers have to be further enhanced. New incentives to do something new in everyday life have to be created repeatedly. The effectiveness of change has to be tested constantly. This done the best way by meetings carried out consequently and even better by means of out Stabilize Pens!

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