Story: SAP Consultants for the US

Story: SAP Consultants for the USA

K+S IT Services, Kassel, Germany

A group of project directors had the task of implementing a new IT system in a U.S. subsidiary.

To meet this challenge, we put together a small team and used project coaching to prepare it intensively for a stay of several months. This involved complex topics like "Project Management by Germans in the American Business Context", along with design of an in-company change project and methods for working with the employees involved.

We worked intensively for four days in English, using four topic blocks which we named "American Culture", "Project Management", "Toolbox" and "Change Management". This training course, in which the participants worked out solutions directly and transferred them to a joint roadmap, combined coaching, trainer input, and workshop elements.

We worked exclusively with flipcharts and metaplan boards, without PowerPoint overlays. Visual displays, use of different methods, work in small groups, and parallel phases of individual coaching enabled each participant to reach the envisioned target in the best possible way. On the basis of a thorough explanation of the project, together with analysis of experiences gained to date, this team of project directors was able to work successfully with the client to integrate the solutions worked out in this way directly into the project plan.